Dell WM311 Wireless Mouse Multi Pack KIT

Dell WM311 Wireless Mouse Multi Pack KIT

יצרן Dell
דגם M-570-11151

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Interface: 2.4GHz Wireless Wireless Receiver: Nano USB receiver Cursor Tracking Speed (dpi): 1000 dpi (Dots Per Inch) Movement Detection Technology: Optical Buttons and Function: 3 buttons: Left, Right, Wheel with scroll and click Dimension (H x L x W): 31.4 x 101 x 62.3 mm Weight: 75g ± 3g (incl. batteries /excl. dongle) Battery Type: 2 AAA batteries
The Dell™ WM311 Wireless Mouse is both sleek and slim in design, and combined with the benefits of a Nano receiver it delivers a great mobility experience for active laptop and netbook users. With four great colours to choose from, there’s one to match the style of every user. No one should miss out on this great mouse.   Key Product Features: Design - Sleek and slim in appearance with superb comfort and ease of use Nano USB Receiver – Ideal for hassle free wireless usage. Install it once and leave it – No need to unplug it even when on the move Plug and Play 3- button Mouse 1000-dpi high-definition optical sensor technology Advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology Cover Lid – Magnetic, and interchangeable with others in the range Variety of Choice - Available in Black, White, Red and Blue

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