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The K.S.P Group was founded in Haifa, Israel on 1994, and is since grown to become the leading retail chain of computers, laptops, tablets, cellular, peripherals and electronic gadgets in Israel. 

K.S.P Group is an independent import and distribution entity selling to K.S.P retail chain and to local dealers. K.S.P retail chain is the leading retail chain in Israel that specializes in IT and computers with 48 outlet stores covering the whole country from north to south. Each K.S.P branch contains the full range of over 2,500 different laptops, tablets, PC components, gadgets, cellular, peripherals and multimedia components. 

K.S.P. is selling many thousands of laptops, tablets and desktops, each month. All desktops are assembled in our 48 laboratories by our skilled technicians. we give full service support in our 48 laboratories to all PC's and components, upgrades services to laptops and desktops as well as technical support services. The group employs over 200 employees, including highly trained engineers, technicians and management staff. 

The group expands continuously and increases its local market share by adding up more branches and more products every year and by enhancing new direct account relations with key companies. The K.S.P group uses its own capital without any loans from any establishment (K.S.P is offered credit terms in similar terms that a AAA rated public company receives). 

K.S.P functions as independent import and logistics entity that Imports directly most of the inventory sold in our stores. K.S.P has formed a direct import agreements with many of the leading international companies and is always seeking for new brands for the benefit of all sides 

The group has a nation wide advertising activity and owns a most popular professional website www.ksp.co.il, enjoying more than 2,500,000 unique visitors every year and is known for being a leading reference website for laptops, tablets, PC components and various other products. We have also established a successful Facebook site with over than 20,000 members, growing rapidly.

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